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Baby Blessing

When a baby is born, they are given a name and a blessing by their father in our church, similar in some aspects to a Catholic christening.

I found this special blessing outfit for Mako-chan and we thought he looked so adorable in the suit (it even had a mini bow-tie).

Originally, Ma-kun was thinking of performing the blessing in English, but everyone we talked to said it should definitely be in Japanese. I really wanted him to do it in Japanese because it would be more special if he could speak in his mother tongue.

Even though not many members of our congregation can understand Japanese, they were very impressed with Ma-kun and felt his love for our baby boy. I was very proud as a wife and mother to see the tender love between them.

We were surrounded by family and what a joyous occasion it was! At times like this, I feel an emptiness in my heart that our family in Japan cannot be here with us. 

Before the doctor told us we would have a baby boy, I had a feeling we would have a son. His Papa chose the name Makoto for him, which means sincere. One day he showed me all the Kanji we could choose for the name Makoto and the one I liked best of all was true and heart together. Makoto is so pure and full of perfect love, I always want him to have those traits. 
His middle name is James because many of his ancestors have that name.
I hope he remembers his ancestors, too.
So many generations came before him and loved, so that his parents could find each other.

医者が"男の子です。"と言う前から、私は男の子が生まれると感じていました。彼のために父親がまこと、と名づけました。誠実という意味です。漢字を見たときに一番好きなのは、真 と 心 が一緒ということです。まことはとても純粋で愛に満ち溢れています。それは私が彼に持っていてほしい特徴です。彼のミドルネームはジェームスです。私の多くの先祖がジェームスという名前だからです。彼が先祖のことを覚えていてほしいと思っています。彼が生まれる前にはたくさんの世代の人々がおり、愛し合いました。だからこそ彼の両親がお互いを見つけ合うことができたのです。

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